Teen: Playing your parents against each other is a bad idea!

I am currently grounded for getting my second speeding ticket. I have only had my license for 8 months, so my parents were not too happy. My father was the first one to find out, so he was the one that got mad first. I immediately tried to play my parents against each other by trying to get my mom to side with me and calm my dad down. Now at first, this seemed like a great idea, but let me tell you…IT NEVER WORKS. My mom and dad talked and found out what I tried to do and I was effectively grounded for a month at both houses. Throughout my entire life, it didn’t work to play my parents against each other and even now after they are divorced, it hasn’t changed. Both parents are going to punish you equally because they will have communicated and agreed on a punishment plan. Even though your parents may be separated, they are still a team trying to raise a child. That means that the punishment is equal throughout both houses and there are no exceptions. Moral of the story: Your parents are working together and communicating to keep you in line, so playing them against each other….is a bad move on your part.


Growing up Cole Sogge’s parents got divorced when he was eight years old. He is now 16 years old and has benefited from the stability and support his parents have provided by co-parenting successfully. Today, he is helping other kids by sharing his stories and answering questions in the Co-Parent Successfully Kids/Teen Blog. Cole participates in football, wrestling and track during the school year. In the summer, he races Legend race cars at a local dirt track near his hometown.

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