New Tween Blogger!

Hi.  My name is Cade and I am the new tween blogger!  For my first post I wanted to talk about how important friends can be when your parents are divorced.  I have a lot of friends who have divorced parents like mine.  We don’t talk about divorce a lot however sometimes we do.  It  is nice to know I have somebody to talk to when I am having a bad day.  We also talk a lot about our brothers and sisters.  Since my parents are both remarried, I have my brother, step brother, step sister, half-brother and a half-sister to drive me crazy.  Sounds like a lot of people but to me this is my family.  Sometimes my friends and I will talk about how lucky we are to have more brothers and sisters.  It is pretty cool!

Growing up Cade Sogge’s parents got divorced when he was two years old. He is now 11 years old (an official tween) and has benefited from the stability and support his parents have provided by co-parenting successfully. Today, he is helping other kids by sharing his stories and answering questions in the Co-Parent Successfully Kids/Teen Blog. Cade participates in football and wrestling during the school year. In the summer, he races Go Karts at a local track near his hometown.

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