Going off to College

College Just AheadI was in the car with my son who is a senior this year and we started talking about college.  He asked a very simple question, “So, when I go off to college and come back home to visit…am I still on the parenting schedule?”  He went on to describe how it would be great if he could spend time with everyone under one roof versus being split between two houses while on break.  Great question.  This is unchartered territory.  When he goes off to college it will be the first time in ten years he will be able to sleep in the same bed every night.  He will no longer have to ask the question….”Am I at your house or Dad’s house tonight?”  So, is it really fair to think that when he comes back home to visit he will just snap back into our parenting schedule with his younger brother?  How have you handled this situation?


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