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    My ex wants to have it so that he has the kids 5 days in a row and then me 5 days in a row. I have a 4 year old and a 2 year old.. I feel this is to much time away from each other and it should be 2 days durning the week at his house and every other weekend at mine. He does not want to accommodate at all. But When I am with the kids I can tell them being away from either of us for a period of time of 5 days is too much for them. Any suggestions would be appricated!



    I completely understand how you feel. My children were eight and two years old at the time of our divorce. It took us awhile to find a schedule that worked for our family. It was trial and error for probably the first year! The schedule we follow now is every other week, with the exception of Wednesday and Thursday. For example, if it is my week, the kids are with me Monday and Tuesday, go to their dad’s house on Wednesday and Thursday, and then are back with me on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The next week is then in reverse, where the kids spend a majority of the week—except Wednesday and Thursday—with their dad. This schedule allows both of us to see the children throughout the week without going too long in between visits. I would recommend sitting down and talking to your ex-spouse about the schedule. Explain why it is not working and ask if he would be willing to try something new. Remember to focus on what is best for the children. If you can provide some examples of where you can see your children are struggling that might help.

    Another idea is to try to make sure the children have the opportunity to call the other parent in the evening. Sometimes it is hard to have a phone conversation with a two year old. However, I found it helped our children feel close to the other parent when they were away.

    Keep me updated and let me know how the conversation goes with your ex!


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