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New Tween Blogger!

Hi.  My name is Cade and I am the new tween blogger!  For my first post I wanted to talk about how important friends can be when your parents are divorced.  I have a lot of friends who have divorced

Teen: Playing your parents against each other is a bad idea!

I am currently grounded for getting my second speeding ticket. I have only had my license for 8 months, so my parents were not too happy. My father was the first one to find out, so he was the one

Teen: Living Between Two Houses

One of the biggest differences after divorce is living between two houses.  I have two houses and two bedrooms.  One thing I have learned is to try and separate my stuff between the two houses.  Clothes, games, bathroom supplies, medicine,

Teen: It Is Not Your Fault!

After my parents got divorced, they sat down and talked to me together.  Honestly, I was only eight years old but I remember feeling very confused about what was happening and why.  I remember each of my parents telling me

From a Teen / Child Perspective

INTRODUCTION FROM COLE SOGGE – So many kids have basic questions about separation and divorce. Where am I going to live? Where’s mom going to live? Where’s dad going to live? Where will my siblings live? Will I have to