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Communicating Will Get Easier, Right?

There are moments every day where I shake my head in pure confusion and wonder if this is really what I signed up for, this life of pure chaos, mixed emotions and bouts of anxiety (which are no doubt brought

Did I Really Think This Through?

The sun was shining, the windows were open and I figured that with my free time on  Saturday morning I would do some cleaning (which in my house can only be done with music that will nearly blow your ear

Accepting the “Small Stuff” as Big Victories

There’s a  saying that I hear people use “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff” and I think it’s incredibly valuable and there’s immense truth to that – I mean who has the time these days to sit and stress over the

Emerging from the Chaos… and Finding My Way!

As a little girl I had dreamed of what my life would be like as an adult – married, raising children and living what I thought would be a fairy tale, and as I take you on this journey with